Sell your products and services online and cash in!
Sell your products and services online and cash in!

Sell your Products & Services Online

Selling your products and services you offer can be a challenging task.  Whether you are a start-up company or a larger corporation, its always a smart idea to offer your business products & services on multiple online platforms.  First and foremost, it is important that you offer a shopping cart option on your business domain to accept payments.  This is an excellent start and a good foundation for your companies online identity.  But if the consumer can’t find your website?  How are they going to learn about your business? And most importantly, how can you sell your product and/or services?

That’s where other established websites can give you that added exposure you need to boost your sales numbers and get your company noticed!  Statistics show that sales continue to increase throughout the online marketplace.  Consumers continue to purchase online in record numbers and this trend doesn’t appear to be cooling down.  Here is a list of some well known & seasoned websites you can showcase your products and services on with no up front cost!

Sell on ebay

– It’s hard to believe that eBay has been around for over 20 years!  Signing up for eBay is a simple process which requires you to provide a bank account with an attached merchant.  (PayPal is one of the best ways to except payments)  You can create a business username, take pictures of your products, then post them for sale either via Auction or Online Sales.  Be sure to take detailed pictures and describe your items so the perspective customer knows exactly what you are offering.  Once your product sells, the customer pays, and your money gets transferred to your merchant account.  (We will use PayPal for the sake of this blog)  You can choose to transfer your funds via check into your business account which takes 10 days, electronic transfer into your business account which takes 3-5 days, or gain instant access via a PayPal Debit Card.  (You will have to fill out a simple application with PayPal to receive your debit card).   I strongly recommend taking the extra time to qualify for a PayPal Debit Card as it will be the best for your Cash Flow in the Long Run! Fees to take into consideration are 2.99% + $.40 change from PayPal for each transaction, between 2% & 10% Final Value Fees From eBay, and Shipping Costs which varies depending on location.


Amazon also offers selling product format quite similar to eBay.  Recently, Amazon expanded its business model by offering a Selling Services options.  This is ideal for businesses looking to boost their sales on a proven popular platform like Amazon.  Here is the basic selling services model:

– How Selling Services Works

person 1

Set your price

Set prices for standard services up front, so customers can purchase them on Amazon any time. For custom services, Amazon customers can submit requests that are delivered directly to your inbox.

person 2

Get discovered

Amazon customers can easily find and purchase your products while shopping for products related to the service you provide, or they can submit a custom request for your services on

person 3

Get paid

We handle the hassle of payment processing and customer payment issues, so you can focus on doing what you do best—delivering great service and growing your business.

This is unique business model that is sure to keep money flowing into your company!


Angies List  – Angie’s list is a great way to reach new customers.  You can sign up for a business account for free.  Once Angie’s list customers begin to contact your company for services, they will review your performance.  After three reviews, your business will qualify for Angie’s list’s “Big Deal.”  This is designated for high ranking companies who offer special Angie’s list pricing for a specific service.  The customer will make the purchase and payment through Angie’s list.  Angie’s list takes a small commission and then sends your funds.  Its a unique way to build a strong online identity, meet new customers, and sell more jobs!


Sell your Products & Services (Conclusion)

Take advantage of these 3 websites longevity, reputation, and customer base.  If you are looking for more helpful information, Read about the 10 best places to list your business by following this link:

Stay tuned for the next blog where I’ll discuss how to use the information you receive from these three websites.  If you have any requests or suggestions, please comment below.  Thanks for reading.

Graphic by K. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
Graphic by K. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

Whether you are a new business starting out or an existing business which already has a website, its important that your pages are optimized.  Here are a few tips to help you optimize your website.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  10 years ago, having a website up and running on the internet would boost your business by itself.  However, with today’s new technology, more people are using cell phones and tablets.  Be sure to set your length and width to display your website on whatever format your customer is viewing your business.  (For example, cell phones screen size may be around 360 pixels while for a computer, you will want pixels <850)
  2. Use Keywords effectively on your pages.  Each page on your site should be unique and have keywords in the title, first sentence, and last paragraph for your page.  Making these words bold and and displayed in italics will also help with your search engine optimization.
  3. Update your website often.  Its a HUGE mistake when you build a website and NEVER update it.  Not only is this a horrible habit to get into regarding your search engine optimization but it also gives people and prospective customers no reason to check your site out again.  You can add pictures, videos, text, and even write a blog about different activities your business is involved with!

Try integrating these 3 techniques into your website design and reach more customers!


When you start a business, its important to keep detailed records.  One of the biggest mistakes I see when a business opens is that daily transactions are not stored for later use.  This makes life difficult once the end of the year comes around and doesn’t give you a clear picture of whats going on with your business at any given time.  Here are a few pointers of how you can keep good records.

  • Use a business debit/credit card for all of your purchases.  When operating a business, its important that you keep all receipts for your transactions.  By using a debit/credit card, you will create another database of all the money you spend besides adding up all of the receipts.
  • Enter your Expenses & Incoming Funds daily.  Being organized is important for your businesses long term success.  A program such as Quickbooks will help keep your expenses and income in order.  By spending a few minutes each day doing this, you will be able to achieve a snapshot of your business at anytime while making tax time a breeze with a simple click of your mouse.
  • If you are using partners or subcontractors, be sure to collect all information before works starts.  Filling out the appropriate paper work including all required information such as company name, individual name, tax ID number, and address will make life a breeze when payday comes.  Use checks to pay partners & subcontracts so there is a record with your bank.  If you have internet banking options, you can even mail these checks out for FREE!

Try these three simple steps to tighten up your accounting!  It’s never too late to start.  Even if its already in the middle of the year, start now and get on the right track!



So you are looking to start a business.  You don’t have a lot of money to lease out a store front and you don’t want to use your personal residence for privacy purposes.  What can you do?

The best affordable option is to obtain a suite box.  A suite box is a LEGAL business address which you can use for your small business!  You may have a local post office or UPS store in your neighborhood that you can rent a suite box from.  Prices vary depending on your geographic area.   You can expect to pay between $5 to $20 per month depending on your exact location!  Many locations will have better prices if you commit to a longer term, (such as a year).

Its important that you get a suite box and not a PO box.  While you may have never known there is a difference between the two, there actually is.  A suite box has a person at the physical address during normal business hours.  A PO box does not have a person at the physical address during normal business hours.  This is the difference between a Legal and Illegal business address.  If you are not 100% sure, you can ask at the location where you are planning on renting a box what the classification is.

Quick and easy way to obtain a LEGAL address for your business!

Okay, something happened unexpected today and I was wondering if anyone out there can tell me exactly how?

After going to the pool, a pair of my sons spare shorts were left inside my van on top of a laundry bottle.  (It was Purex laundry detergent which is pictured below).

Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
I was at the pool for a few hours during the day… It was about 95 degrees outside so I would imagine it was significantly hotter inside the van.  When I left, I had to put some items in the back of my van.  I was in shock what I saw next.  Take a look at the picture of the shorts below.

Photo by D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
Photo by D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

The fabric on the shorts where it was on top of the laundry detergent bottle completely disintegrate.  Mind you this was a SEALED bottle of detergent.  How can an unopened bottle of laundry detergent eat away at this material?  The shorts were made of 100% cotton.  I would love to hear anyone who may know how this happened and the safety ramifications?  Thanks for reading