Squarespace SEO by Pro Market Me Inc.
Squarespace SEO by Pro Market Me Inc.

Welcome back to part four of our Squarespace SEO blog.  We are writing a series of blogs that will help move your website up the ranks of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  If you have not made a business directory page yet on Google, please check out how to do so by clicking here: http://blog.promarketme.com/how-to-list-your-business-on-google-what-to-include/    If you missed any of our past Squarespace SEO blogs, you can click them below:

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Squarespace SEO help | Page Description

Today’s blog is going to focus on Squarespace SEO page descriptions.  Follow these steps:

  1.  Log into your Squarespace Account
  2.  Click “Pages”
  3.  Select the Page you want to update
  4.  On the Body of the Page, Click “Settings”
  5.  Click in the “Description Field.

Your Screenshot should look like this.

Squarespace SEO URL SLUG capture by Pro Market Me
Squarespace SEO Description capture by Pro Market Me

Squarespace SEO:  How to write your description

In the description box, you want to type a brief summary about what the page is relevant too.  For example,  If you own a landscape company and the page you are writing a description for has to do with lawn maintenance, you will write something along the lines of:

“Affordable Lawn Care provided in Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Lehigh Acres”

Your keywords are:  Affordable, Lawn Care, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, & Lehigh Acres.

Try to use words that you believe people will type into a search engine like Google when looking for a new company and list your geographical location(s) where your office is located or in the area you service.

Repeat this process on the rest of the pages on your website.

***Please note that some Squarespace templates will physically display your description on your website.  Your description may appear in your header.  That is why its important to write a clear, concise description that goes with the flow of your page content.

Squarespace SEO Conclusion

In closing, its important that you write a description for each one of your webpages to optimize your Squarespace SEO.  Use words detailing what each page is about.  Include geographic locations on pages which display as such.  Keep your description short & sweet as it may be visible in your header to your prospective customers.  Thanks for reading part 4 of our Squarespace SEO series.

Squarespace SEO HELP PART 2

Squarespace SEO Tips by Pro Market Me Inc.
Squarespace SEO Tips by Pro Market Me Inc.

Welcome back to our 2nd blog covering SQUARESPACE SEO HELP.  If you haven’t read our last blog about SQUARESPACE SEO HELP regarding Site Titles, Please read it here:  http://blog.promarketme.com/squarespace-seo-help/

Now that you have read our last blog regarding SQUARESPACE SEO HELP, please continue…

Today we are going to talk about Squarespace SEO “Search Engine Description.”  You can find this area by:

  1.   Log into your Sqaurespace Account
  2.   Click “Settings”
  3.   Click “Marketing”
  4.   Click “SEO”

Your Squarespace SEO left panel should look like this:

Squarespace SEO screen Photo by Pro Market Me Inc.
Squarespace SEO screen Photo by Pro Market Me Inc.

Lets work with the same company example we used in our last Squarespace SEO blog.  (Now if you were BSing earlier and did not read the last Squarespace SEO blog, do it NOW!  It’s very important optimize all of your Squarespace SEO options)  Here is another link if you were slacking the first time I mentioned this:  http://blog.promarketme.com/squarespace-seo-help/


All kidding aside…  I want you to utilize all Squarespace SEO options available so you can see your traffic volume and website grow.  This may seem a little tedious; however, these techniques will pay off in the long-run.  Now lets look at our google search result from yesterday using Pro Market Me Inc.

ProMarketMe | Marketing |Advertising | Website Design


Pro Market Me inc. helping you get your business online and gaining exposure.


We switched our Title Yesterday covering our Focus keywords including “Marketing,” “Advertising,” and “Website Design.”  The company name, Pro Market Me proceeds all keywords.  You can see on the very bottom, the Squarespace SEO description reads:  “Pro Market Me inc. helping get your business online and  gaining exposure.”  This is NOT a good description for Squarespace SEO purposes.

First, notice that the description only includes one of the focus keywords.. (the company name ProMarketMe).  There is no mention of Marketing, Advertising or Website Design.  Second, (and this depends on the scope of your business whether of not this step is required), there is no location specified where this business is located.  Now if your business has a physical location where you do business, include the city.  If not, you can leave this step out.  For the purpose of this blog, we will include the business location:  Fort Myers.

Lets write new text in our Search Engine Description to optimize our Squarespace SEO:

Pro Market Me in Fort Myers offers Marketing, Advertising, & Website Design. Affordable Marketing, Advertising, & Website Design. Fort Myers Marketing Pros.

Notice how the keywords are used  and the concise nature of the Squarespace SEO Search Engine Description.  There is a total of 156 characters, (Including spaces) that will be in view.  This is how your display will look to potential customers:

ProMarketMe | Marketing |Advertising | Website Design


Pro Market Me in Fort Myers offers Marketing, Advertising, & Website Design. Affordable Marketing, Advertising, & Website Design. Fort Myers Marketing Pros.


In Conclusion, it is imperative that you focus on strong keywords which match your site title that pertain to your business when writing your Search Engine Description for Squarespace SEO.  Remember to keep your description 156 characters or less including spaces so that your potential customers will see a clear and concise write up.  Check back for more Squarespace SEO blogs and helpful tips that will improve your websites presence.  Thank you for reading.

Help configuring your Squarespace SEO

Squarespace SEO Help
Squarespace SEO Help

Is Squarespace SEO difficult for you to figure out?


Are you Frustrated with your SEO placement with Squarespace?


Would you like some help Resolving your Squarespace SEO issues?


If your answer to any of these Squarespace SEO questions is “yes,” you have come to the right place!


Squarespace is a Twitter Product which focuses on “building blocks,” to create websites.  You can design a professional website with minimal to zero coding experience.  Many times with Squarespace, your SEO can suffer due to the confusing lingo used which novice website designers don’t understand.  Its important to have your keywords and descriptions working on the back end of your Squarespace Site in order to maximize your SEO exposure.  Today we are going to focus on one aspect of your Squarespace SEO positioning.

Lets talk about your Site Title area of your Square Space SEO.  You can access this section of your Squarespace website by:

  1.   Logging into your Squarespace account
  2.   Click “Design”
  3.   Click “Logo & Title”

Now you will see a Section on your Squarespace site which reads, “Site Title.”  The first piece of information you want to put in this section is your business name.  (Lets say you own a marketing company & your business name is Pro Market Me).  Next, think about what keywords are important to your business and brand.  (Lets say Marketing, Advertising, and Website Design are want to zero in on.)  Finally, you have to put this information in a visually appealing manner as both real human users & robots will be accessing this information.  Here are a few examples of how you can layout your Site Title to optimize your Squarespace SEO:

1.  Pro Market Me | Marketing | Advertising | Website Design

or you can use hyphens

2.  Pro Market Me – Marketing – Advertising – Website Design

you can even combine the two

3.  Pro Market Me | Marketing – Advertising | Website Design

Lets use example one to see how this Site title will appear on Google.

ProMarketMe | Marketing |Advertising | Website Design


Pro Market Me inc. helping you get your business online and gaining exposure.

In conclusion, it is important to maximize your Site Title area to optimize your Squarespace SEO.  Be sure to place your business name first, then add important keywords that pertain to your business.  By using this SEO technique, you will increase your odds of potential customers finding your Squarespace site!  Check back to this blog for more Squarespace SEO helpful tips.  Thanks for reading.