Running a small business has its ups and down. Its important to keep yourself motivated and in a positive state of mind! Here are a few quotes that are sure to put some pep in your step and a smile on your face!


“If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”
B.C. Forbes

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Andy Warhol

“The past does not equal the future.”

Tony Robbins

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, & exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter Drucker

“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky


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Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

Running a Small business can get stressful.  You are spending money, time, and dealing with multiple personalities.  Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned.  When these experiences occur, stress can compound and lead to negative actions such as excessive drinking, drugs, and just shutting down.  Here are a few positive ways you can relieve your stress.

  1. Workout – The gym is a great way to keep your stress levels down.  You can take that stress and turn it into burning calories, losing weight, building muscle, and feeling good!
  2. Meditation – Keeping your mind right when operating a business is key to long-term success.  Not everything will always go perfect in your company and its important to find ways to separate yourself from your business.  Meditation is a great way to calm yourself, totally relax, and center yourself.  An excellent program is called The Silva Method which you can find more information out here: .
  3. Take a bike ride – Whether its a motorcycle or bicycle, getting out and experiencing nature is a fantastic way to calm your nerves.   You can be one with the road, (Or trails) and find the soothing effect help you deal with your stress level.
  4. Start a Garden – Research has shown that gardening is an excellent form of therapy and and has calming properties.  It releases natural chemicals in your body that will keep your mind, body, and soul feeling right!
  5. Breathing – I know.. You are probably saying to yourself, of course I breathe, what is this idiot talking about?  What I am suggesting is to breathe with a certain ratio.  Its been documented that certain breathing patterns will bring more oxygen into your blood stream.  Use a 2-1-4 ratio in your breathing pattern.   Use a time frame which is comfortable for you.  For example (10 seconds inhale – 5 seconds hold your breath – 20 seconds exhale).  Do this 10 times 3 times per day and you will notice a huge difference!

Thanks for reading and keep your stress levels at a minimum!

google-my-businessIf you have not read the last two blogs posted, please read them now before processing forward:

How to Build a Google Business Page:

What Pictures to Include on your Google Business Page:

So now you have have your page up and running with pictures showcasing your business.  What’s next?

  • Write an Introduction about your company.  Give potential customers a short but sweet write up about your business.  Including aspects like your business name, top products, and free estimates will help give internet users an idea about your company.  Keep your introduction between 5 & 10 sentences.  Remember, you have a website you can direct the potential customer too!
  • Post your hours of operations.  The biggest complaint I hear from clients when I first meet them is that they tried contacting numerous companies, yet no one picked up the phone or returned calls.  Its best if you can post your hours of operation clearly on the site and be sure there is a way for a potential customer to communicate with you during these times!  You can customize your business hours however you choose.  Just be sure to pick up your phone during your business hours!
  • Insert Categories which you specialize in.  In the first blog about listing your business on Google, you listed your major category of business.  Now is the opportunity to list any other specialties you have.  The more categories you can list, the better chances a customer will reach you!
  • Finalize your other two major contact options.  (Phone number & Website)  Customers will either want to pick up the phone and call you -or- look at your website and learn more about your business.  Make sure you list both your phone number and website address so a potential customer can easily find this information.

Now you have all of your major business components complete for your Google Business Listing!  Remember that this is your initial bit of information you are uploading to Google.  Be sure to keep your information up-to-date and fresh in all categories!


Yesterdays Blog was about how to set up your Google Business Page.  If you did not read that Blog yet, CLICK THIS LINK >>> before reading this blog.

Today’s blog will focus on what content you should START with in filling out your business page.  I capitalized START because you should be consistently adding content to your Google Business Listing Page.  This is just a good place to begin and will zero in on the types of pictures you need to include on your Business Listing Page.

  • First you will need to create a good profile picture.  This will show up in a highly visible spot on your Business Listing.  Be sure to take a clear picture.
  • Next, upload your logo.  You want to showcase your logo on your business profile and begin creating your online brand recognition from Day 1.
  • Load a background photo of your best work.  A background photo will take up a good amount of space on your business listing.  Showcase your work and make it stand out!
  • Display Interior pictures of your establishment.  Take a few pictures with customers at your place of business.  (Be sure to get his/her permission)  Create a visual for potential customers as to what they will experience in your establishment.  Three pictures is a good number to start out with.
  • Take three pictures of the exterior of your business.  Take pictures from different angles of your place of business.  Its also a good idea to take pictures during different times of day.  Start with three pictures of your exterior.
  • Show your customers a variety of service and product pictures.  If you have products, upload pictures of them.  If you perform services, be sure to take pictures of the different types of jobs you perform.  You can start with 5 pictures in this category.  As you continue to expand your clientele and scope of work, be sure to update your picture gallery.
  • Finally, take pictures of your team.  Together Everyone Achieves More, Team, the people that make your business run.  Take casual pictures and create an atmosphere that potential customers can relate to.  Three pictures would work well in this genre.

Now you are covered in the picture Category for your Google Business Listing!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn more about what you need to add to your Google Business Listing Page!