Graphic by K. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
Graphic by K. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

Whether you are a new business starting out or an existing business which already has a website, its important that your pages are optimized.  Here are a few tips to help you optimize your website.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  10 years ago, having a website up and running on the internet would boost your business by itself.  However, with today’s new technology, more people are using cell phones and tablets.  Be sure to set your length and width to display your website on whatever format your customer is viewing your business.  (For example, cell phones screen size may be around 360 pixels while for a computer, you will want pixels <850)
  2. Use Keywords effectively on your pages.  Each page on your site should be unique and have keywords in the title, first sentence, and last paragraph for your page.  Making these words bold and and displayed in italics will also help with your search engine optimization.
  3. Update your website often.  Its a HUGE mistake when you build a website and NEVER update it.  Not only is this a horrible habit to get into regarding your search engine optimization but it also gives people and prospective customers no reason to check your site out again.  You can add pictures, videos, text, and even write a blog about different activities your business is involved with!

Try integrating these 3 techniques into your website design and reach more customers!


When you start a business, its important to keep detailed records.  One of the biggest mistakes I see when a business opens is that daily transactions are not stored for later use.  This makes life difficult once the end of the year comes around and doesn’t give you a clear picture of whats going on with your business at any given time.  Here are a few pointers of how you can keep good records.

  • Use a business debit/credit card for all of your purchases.  When operating a business, its important that you keep all receipts for your transactions.  By using a debit/credit card, you will create another database of all the money you spend besides adding up all of the receipts.
  • Enter your Expenses & Incoming Funds daily.  Being organized is important for your businesses long term success.  A program such as Quickbooks will help keep your expenses and income in order.  By spending a few minutes each day doing this, you will be able to achieve a snapshot of your business at anytime while making tax time a breeze with a simple click of your mouse.
  • If you are using partners or subcontractors, be sure to collect all information before works starts.  Filling out the appropriate paper work including all required information such as company name, individual name, tax ID number, and address will make life a breeze when payday comes.  Use checks to pay partners & subcontracts so there is a record with your bank.  If you have internet banking options, you can even mail these checks out for FREE!

Try these three simple steps to tighten up your accounting!  It’s never too late to start.  Even if its already in the middle of the year, start now and get on the right track!



It sounds silly… “Do something you love.”  But if you are gong to start a small business, YOU MUST MAKE IT SOMETHING YOU ENJOY!  Successful entrepreneurs start and run businesses which they are passionate about.  So lets focus on doing something you enjoy day in and day out!

If you are working a full-time and want to safely start a business minimizing your risk, here are a couple of ideas of how you can generate money early in the game and gain exposure through video mediums for FREE!

  • Start a YouTube Channel – If you work and are starting a business in your spare time, documenting your journey on a YouTube channel is an excellent idea!  You can use Youtube as a form of marketing showing your audience a personal side of your company while inspiring others to follow their dreams!  Also, you can add Google ads within your videos to generate additional income!  Once you have a certain amount of views on your channel, Google will actually PAY YOU to run sponsors on you ads.
  • Periscope – This is fairly new technology.  You can turn your Cell Phone into a live stream and document your journey into the entrepreneur world!  This is becoming more popular as you do not have to waste time uploading videos as everything is instant!  (Constant Contact)  You can stream whenever you like and start a following online!  Its amazing how this technology is taking off and exposing new opportunities for people and businesses alike.

Try these strategies, make some cash, & motivate!

Running a small business has its ups and down. Its important to keep yourself motivated and in a positive state of mind! Here are a few quotes that are sure to put some pep in your step and a smile on your face!


“If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”
B.C. Forbes

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Andy Warhol

“The past does not equal the future.”

Tony Robbins

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, & exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter Drucker

“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky


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Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

Running a Small business can get stressful.  You are spending money, time, and dealing with multiple personalities.  Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned.  When these experiences occur, stress can compound and lead to negative actions such as excessive drinking, drugs, and just shutting down.  Here are a few positive ways you can relieve your stress.

  1. Workout – The gym is a great way to keep your stress levels down.  You can take that stress and turn it into burning calories, losing weight, building muscle, and feeling good!
  2. Meditation – Keeping your mind right when operating a business is key to long-term success.  Not everything will always go perfect in your company and its important to find ways to separate yourself from your business.  Meditation is a great way to calm yourself, totally relax, and center yourself.  An excellent program is called The Silva Method which you can find more information out here: .
  3. Take a bike ride – Whether its a motorcycle or bicycle, getting out and experiencing nature is a fantastic way to calm your nerves.   You can be one with the road, (Or trails) and find the soothing effect help you deal with your stress level.
  4. Start a Garden – Research has shown that gardening is an excellent form of therapy and and has calming properties.  It releases natural chemicals in your body that will keep your mind, body, and soul feeling right!
  5. Breathing – I know.. You are probably saying to yourself, of course I breathe, what is this idiot talking about?  What I am suggesting is to breathe with a certain ratio.  Its been documented that certain breathing patterns will bring more oxygen into your blood stream.  Use a 2-1-4 ratio in your breathing pattern.   Use a time frame which is comfortable for you.  For example (10 seconds inhale – 5 seconds hold your breath – 20 seconds exhale).  Do this 10 times 3 times per day and you will notice a huge difference!

Thanks for reading and keep your stress levels at a minimum!