communicationWhen you are building your business, its important to keep in contact with ALL of your customers.  Here are some FREE ways to do so.

Direct Email – Email Blasts:  This is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers of the past and present.  Customers can sign up on your website and choose to receive emails sent by your company.  You can include information such as updates, specials, and company accomplishments.  To learn more about email blasting, check out the past blog below:

Social Media – Keeping your customers in the loop on Social Media is a super way to showcase your business.  Pages on sites like Facebook are FREE and you can track various information about traffic, likes, and suggestions on your page.  Keep your posts fresh and unique so that your customers will want to follow you and see your posts.  If you become too redundant, customers may not choose to receive your postings.

Phone Call –  This is a strategy that works well in the service field.  When you finish a job, document the finish date.  A follow up call a week or two after the jobs completion will go a long way.  Keep that information handy and make a six month call followed by a one year call.  Showing that you are willing to take time for your business schedule to check up on work which you completed long in the past will show your customers that you care and are thinking about them.  That one on one communication in the long-run will give you a positive reputation in the community as well as create more business for you!

These are 3 ways which you can stay in touch with your customers for FREE.  Ideally, you can use all three of these techniques to stay connected to your customers in the long run!  Remember, your business reputation will follow you for the life of your company!  Stand out from the rest with strong ethics and values!


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