Social networks are a very powerful online marketing tool that many people don’t realize. The millions of users connected through a social network site are The Power of Social Networksjust waiting to read, hear and watch what you have to say. Although, building a large audience that actually absorb what you portray can be a daunting task. Many large social network sites allow you to buy followers, friends or likes but usually the results of this is not genuine feedback. It looks good but the customer engagement is just not there.

      It is best to build your audience organically. The first and most obvious way of doing this is, provide quality material. People that absorb your material online are actually interested, not just passing by. This results in more feed back and generates people to pass along what they saw to someone else. The next two are “universal laws of the internet” #hashtags and @at_signs. The hash tag (#) can be thought of as a single keyword.  The keyword is then used within the social networks search results. The at sign (@)  is used to refer to another person within the social network.


#business #meeting with @joe_smith

This simple statement will show up if someone searches business or meeting and in some sites everyone following Joe Smith will see it. On all social sites Joe Smith will get a notification that you have mentioned him.


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