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Running a Small business can get stressful.  You are spending money, time, and dealing with multiple personalities.  Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned.  When these experiences occur, stress can compound and lead to negative actions such as excessive drinking, drugs, and just shutting down.  Here are a few positive ways you can relieve your stress.

  1. Workout – The gym is a great way to keep your stress levels down.  You can take that stress and turn it into burning calories, losing weight, building muscle, and feeling good!
  2. Meditation – Keeping your mind right when operating a business is key to long-term success.  Not everything will always go perfect in your company and its important to find ways to separate yourself from your business.  Meditation is a great way to calm yourself, totally relax, and center yourself.  An excellent program is called The Silva Method which you can find more information out here:  http://www.silvamethod.com/ .
  3. Take a bike ride – Whether its a motorcycle or bicycle, getting out and experiencing nature is a fantastic way to calm your nerves.   You can be one with the road, (Or trails) and find the soothing effect help you deal with your stress level.
  4. Start a Garden – Research has shown that gardening is an excellent form of therapy and and has calming properties.  It releases natural chemicals in your body that will keep your mind, body, and soul feeling right!
  5. Breathing – I know.. You are probably saying to yourself, of course I breathe, what is this idiot talking about?  What I am suggesting is to breathe with a certain ratio.  Its been documented that certain breathing patterns will bring more oxygen into your blood stream.  Use a 2-1-4 ratio in your breathing pattern.   Use a time frame which is comfortable for you.  For example (10 seconds inhale – 5 seconds hold your breath – 20 seconds exhale).  Do this 10 times 3 times per day and you will notice a huge difference!

Thanks for reading and keep your stress levels at a minimum!

Looking to improve your Search Engine Optimization?


Here are a few tips how you can boost your website and blog ranking.

  1.  Optimize your keyword.  Make sure that your keyword is located in the Title of your page, First heading, Url, First sentence of a paragraph, and last sentence of a paragraph.  Its also a good idea to bold, italic, and underline your keyword.
  2. Use cross-linking.  Link your pages with internal HTML links from one section to another.  Over time, you can even use this strategy to link back to past posts.
  3. Image tag your pictures.  If you are placing a picture on your website, create a title and caption relevant to the material you are looking to market.  Not only will this help your website, but it will also create a solid search database on Google in the images category.

Try these 3 simple steps to help improve your Search Engine Optimization.