E_Mail_Blast_ServicesKeep in touch with your customers and let them know what is going on with your business!  Email Blasts are an excellent way to keep your clients informed and not take up a whole bunch of your time sending letters, individual emails, calling on the phone, or talking in person.  But what exactly is an Email Blast?

An Email Blast is an email which is sent to multiple customers.  Your customers would sign up to be included in your email blast list to receive any future information about your business.  You can include special pricing, events, new products, or any important facts about your business in your email blasts.  There are numerous software companies which whom you can sign up with to start your email blast.  For the hardcore programmers, you can even script your own!

Keep your email blasts engaging and to the point!  You want to make sure your customers look forward to your company updates and you don’t fill your blasts with fluff.  You can even put a link up on your website to have customers fill out a short form to be included in your future email blasts.  Try these strategies to keep your current customers up to date with your company!

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