Is college for everyone?

The American way, go through grammar school, graduate high school then proceed through college and obtain a good career that has awesome benefits as well as a retirement plan. But is this truly the correct way to fulfill your childhood desires of wealth and happiness? Perhaps you’ve grown up influenced by a particular career path such as a teacher, law enforcement or within the healthcare industry. If so, the decision to pursue college should come without a doubt. On the other hand, I personally did not gain an interest in many subjects throughout grade school. Having a disinterest during classes clouded my vision of education which caused me to skip college for a few years and jump right into the workforce.  My full time job as a factory worker got old very quickly, but, something positive came to me during this span of time. I had an idea for a website which I was determined to complete. While I was being self-taught in the field of website programming I came to the conclusion I wanted to pursue college for this subject. It took 3 years of an intensive labor job to come to this conclusion but I finally discovered what I wanted to pursue.

College isn’t for everyone!

Mentioned earlier “The American way” is not for everyone there are plenty of successful people that have not received a college degree or even a high school diploma. So you might be asking your self is college for me? One thing that is necessary  if you are planning to go this route is Never Stop Learning. Take every day as a lesson whether it’s free material online, people skills, communication skills, or hands on skills, Never Stop Learning. Generations today have such an advantage, people can learn any subject they wish due to millions of free / paid sources found on the internet. There are plenty of free tutorials to gain knowledge in a vast array of subjects such as, automotive, construction, landscaping, programming, business, stocks and much more. Along with consistent learning below are a few steps to gain success without a college degree.

How to Skip the college degree and become successful:

  • Think of every purchase as an investment: Don’t just throw money out the window, think before you buy. To do this, before a purchase think, how will this item make me more money? Perhaps you are in a clothes store and want to buy a nice attire, this attire might increase your presence as a business partner or escalate your moral / mood. Another example: you are purchasing a power washer to clean your patio after this purchase it is possible to a provide power washing services to others. Always think as an investor.
  • Be social: majority of business requires a sum of money from an individual, how are you going to meet people to pay you? Being socially active is important to express your services to people that maybe interested in what you have to offer.
  • Always try to do better: This sounds obvious but is lacking in a high majority of people. Many people become comfortable they are happy with their job or how things are going. Having this mind set will delay the model of climbing the ladder because comfort can prevent improvement.

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