How to Increase your Business Revenue by using these Green Tips

Green Tips by Pro Market Me
Green Tips by Pro Market Me

Here are a few tips how you can Green Up your Company.


  1. Go to Paperless Invoicing.  With today’s technology, this is actually very easy to do. Send your Invoices via email.  This will drastically cut down on your paper usage and printer ink.  The best Green Tips will cut down on resources and save your company money!
  2. Accept payments electronically.  When processing credit cards, you can accept mobile credit payments with services like Square.  Offer a place on your website for your customers to send money electronically.  If you collect payments monthly, offer a direct deposit service.  You can give your customers an incentive to set up this payment structure.  This will benefits your companies cash flow as well.  These types of payment Green Tips will increase your bottom line.
  3. Optimize your office with energy efficient products.  Start off simple by replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient LED lights.  Use calk around windows and areas where air conditioning or heat may escape.  Harvest your own rain water by catching it off your roof and storing it in a rain barrel.  These types of Green Tips will help the environment and your business!Thanks for reading

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