When you are in business, you will find customers from all walks of life.  Some will be very easy to get along with while others will be challenging with that type A personality.  Here are a few tips about how to Win over those tough customers and improve your overall customer service.

  1. Be consistent with your schedule.  If you are in a service industry, its specifically important to show up on the same day and around the same time.  If something changes in your schedule, be sure to make a quick call, email, or text letting the customer know.  Strong communication goes a long way.
  2. Write a contract and keep it electronically on file.  Some of these tough customers will often try to get something for nothing.  Sometimes, its only a little extra task that takes a few minutes while others can be longer and more time consuming.  By drawing up a strong contract and keeping it on file, you can politely explain that what is being asked is not part of the agreement; however, you can either amend the agreement to make it part of it or do a one-time service. (both at an additional cost)  Any customer not willing to sign a contract is one to walk away from.
  3. Send a survey by email for your customers to fill out.  Feedback is key for both the business and customer.  You can send a simple survey for your customers to complete with an invoice.  Many times, customers just want to be heard.  When your business gets bigger and you have employees working for you, its important to know how your employees performed and how your customers perceived them.  A survey is a direct form of communication which shows your customers you are willing to address both good and bad responses and move forward accordingly!


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