Classic Nike – Bo Knows Horse Racing

Classic Nike Bo Knows Horse Racing Picture by Pro Market Me
Classic Nike Bo Knows Horse Racing Picture by Pro Market Me

Nike always finds a way to create awesome sneakers around their athletes past and present.  Nikes main athlete is Michael Jordan and his line of sneakers have evolved into his own “Jordan Brand.”  When most people think of Nike, Jordan is at the top of the list.  But for a brief time in the late 80’s and early 90’s Bo Jackson took the shoe world by storm!

A 2 sport star for the Kansas City Royals and L.A. Raiders, Bo Jackson broke new ground in athletics.  Both a Heisman Trophy Winner and an All-Star is still to this day an amazing feat.  His sneaker line with Nike was also stellar.  Bo endorsed his line of cross trainers with Nike and the marketing strategy was spectacular.  Who can forget the famous Bo Knows campaign.  (If you forgot, you can watch the commercial below)

To this day, Nike is still releasing Bo Jackson Sneakers and alterations of the Classic Nike Cross Trainers.  The Bo Knows Horse Racing is a new color way with that Classic Nike Feel.   You can see Bo in the commercial above with a horse rocking the colors of the Bo Knows Horse Racing theme.  Check out a closer look below:

Nike has done a great job taking their old style sneakers and breathing new life into them with new fresh looks.  What do you think?  Would you buy these Classic Nike Bo Knows Horse Racing Sneakers?

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