Here are the top 5 sites to start your own blog: * Purchased by Google *

Blogger and Google work together well.  They have a good amount of templates with varying themes.  You can customize quite easily.  If you have a Google Account and want to start Blogging, this is a good option for you!

This is an excellent option if you are looking for a simple blogging platform which includes hosting and server space for FREE!  There are numerous widgets, plug-ins, & templates you can choose from to jazz up your blog.  If you are just starting out Blogging, this site will work for you!

Similar to to WordPress.Com.  The major difference is that WordPress.Org will host your blog on your own domain!  There is a huge library of plug-ins and a vast array of free information which can be found on their support forums. You don’t need to know a whole bunch of scripting to utilize many amazing features.

If you are looking for a simple drop and drag interface, Weebly may work perfect for you!  They offer no cost hosting and use basic comment and blog formats.  There are a decent amount of templates to choose from. is known for its easy set-up and a wide range of templates.  Its free to use the website creation and hosting service for social media, wikis, and blogs.  Search engines index all public sites and you can even be joined by other wetpaint user.  Pretty nifty site for the fast paces beginner.

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E_Mail_Blast_ServicesKeep in touch with your customers and let them know what is going on with your business!  Email Blasts are an excellent way to keep your clients informed and not take up a whole bunch of your time sending letters, individual emails, calling on the phone, or talking in person.  But what exactly is an Email Blast?

An Email Blast is an email which is sent to multiple customers.  Your customers would sign up to be included in your email blast list to receive any future information about your business.  You can include special pricing, events, new products, or any important facts about your business in your email blasts.  There are numerous software companies which whom you can sign up with to start your email blast.  For the hardcore programmers, you can even script your own!

Keep your email blasts engaging and to the point!  You want to make sure your customers look forward to your company updates and you don’t fill your blasts with fluff.  You can even put a link up on your website to have customers fill out a short form to be included in your future email blasts.  Try these strategies to keep your current customers up to date with your company!

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Just starting out?  Low on funds?  Do you need to have a meeting?  Don’t worry, there are tons of places to have your meeting!  In todays society, more companies are conducting business in public places.  A local coffee shop, diner, or even a public park.  If you need to be online, find a location which offers a free wifi hotspot.  This eliminates expensive office rent while allowing you to create a fun environment for both parties involved!

Another creative avenue is to host your meeting outdoors at a public park.  If its a beautiful day outside, why not enjoy it?  Smart Phones & Tablets can use 4g for an internet signal.  If you need to use a computer, you can always tether your laptop to one of your mobile devices.  Think about it… How many meetings does your business associate have outdoors?  (Probably not to many).. Your meeting will stand out and certainly leave an impression!

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search-engine-optimizationSearch Engine Optimization is imperative to your online marketing strategy.  We covered the 3 essentials to your website which include:  keywords, description and author.   But what are some other ways to diversify your SEO?  Here are a few simple tips to increase your online presence:

  1. Update your website frequently.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make.  They create an awesome website and NEVER update it.  Major search engines want to see new information on your site.  If you keep your website the same and never update it, your ranking will decrease.  Plus, your customers who are visiting your website want to read new content.  What motivation would one of your customers have to visit your website again if it is ALWAYS the same information?
  2. Image Tagging – When you take pictures of your products or services you complete, tag your image.  Using criteria like your business name, website, phone number, email, and a description about your picture will increase your online ranking.
  3. Post Videos – Websites like YouTube or Vimeo are excellent places to showcase videos about your business.  Make sure to include all of your important business criteria in the description and HTML link back to your main busness website.
  4. Write Blogs – Write blogs about your business.  Whether its a how to blog, tips. or interesting information, this stratgey will increase and diversify your online DNA.  Be sure to utilize the Keyword section in your blog to the max!
  5. Post Daily Ads – Websites like Craigslist & Backpage are popular sites for online advertisements.  Craigslist is a top 10 viewed website in the USA!  This will increase your business exposure and give you a better chance of a customer contacting you to conduct business!

Try these  simple techniques and watch your online identity climb up the search engine charts!

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Business cards have evolved through the years.  No longer is it just a name, address, and phone number on a business card.  Here is some forms of information you can include on your card:

  • The Basics – Name, Address, & Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Links – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Professional Business Page – Linkdin
  • Your Professional Title
  • QR Code
  • Picture and/or Logo
  • Skype ID

You can include some or all of these forms of information on your business card depending on your profession.  When you order your business cards, you will most likely order a minimum of 250 cards.  Create something on your card to make it stand out.  It can be glossy, colorful, or even a unique shape.  One company which stood out to me was a landscape company.  They would hand out their business cards and on the back of the card was a little built in packet with seeds which had text below it which read, “come grow with us.”  One of a kind!

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