Online reviews are important for your business.  Your online reputation will help steer prospective clients to your business, (or away).  Here are the top 5 sites where your business should receive reviews.

Google  The #1 search engine on the internet!  Google has branched out into many different directions!  One direction is business listings and reviews.  If you do not have a Google+ page thus far, make one.  Its FREE and offers your customers a glimpse of your company.  Once work is completed, your customers will have the option to review your company right on your profile!  Your business can receive anywhere between 1 and 5 stars based on performance!

Angie’s List  This is an excellent website where the average median income is $100,000 or greater.  Angie’s List customers PAY to have access to the database of businesses across the USA.  Your business will be rated from A through F in multiple categories.  You will also receive an overall rating which will stick with your company on this particular site.  If a customer you started doing business with has an Angie’s List page, they can review your business at no additional cost of their initial payment!

Facebook  Social Media is really climbing up the charts in terms of businesses reaching customers.  In fact, more prospective customers are searching for companies via Social Media than ever before!  You can create a business Facebook Page for Free.  Once done, your customers have the option to rate your company between 1 and 5 starts as well as leave a text review about your business.   Another unique aspect is that your customers have the ability to comment on any of your work at anytime!  You can use this to your advantage to showcase your strong customer service skills and expert craftsmanship!

Yahoo Local 
This is another fantastic page to list your business for reviews!  Its similar to Google where you can create your Yahoo Local Page for FREE.  You can also pay some money to have your business listing featured.  Yahoo uses a 1 to 5 star system similar to Google.  Yahoo has a little over 10% of the Search Engine Market Share so it certainly is beneficial for your business to be listed and reviewed here!

Better Business Bureau (BBB)  This particular site has two different settings for your business.  These settings are accredited and non-accredited business listings.  The BBB is a non-profit organization which does not endorse your business or any products.  Instead, the BBB measures your company against best management practices and evaluates how you should treat the public!  You are rated A through F.  The BBB also acts as a 3rd party if there is ever a dispute.  The customer contacts the Better Business Bureau and files a complaint.  The business then has 30 days to respond.  The customer and business can respond through the BBB several times.  All text between the customer and company are made public and a final verdict is given regarding the matter.  The BBB is a strong site for your company to be listed on and will show prospective customers how you handle situations!

Get these 5 websites for your business set up and let the rating come in!  Thanks for reading.