Sell your products and services online and cash in!
Sell your products and services online and cash in!

Sell your Products & Services Online

Selling your products and services you offer can be a challenging task.  Whether you are a start-up company or a larger corporation, its always a smart idea to offer your business products & services on multiple online platforms.  First and foremost, it is important that you offer a shopping cart option on your business domain to accept payments.  This is an excellent start and a good foundation for your companies online identity.  But if the consumer can’t find your website?  How are they going to learn about your business? And most importantly, how can you sell your product and/or services?

That’s where other established websites can give you that added exposure you need to boost your sales numbers and get your company noticed!  Statistics show that sales continue to increase throughout the online marketplace.  Consumers continue to purchase online in record numbers and this trend doesn’t appear to be cooling down.  Here is a list of some well known & seasoned websites you can showcase your products and services on with no up front cost!

Sell on ebay

– It’s hard to believe that eBay has been around for over 20 years!  Signing up for eBay is a simple process which requires you to provide a bank account with an attached merchant.  (PayPal is one of the best ways to except payments)  You can create a business username, take pictures of your products, then post them for sale either via Auction or Online Sales.  Be sure to take detailed pictures and describe your items so the perspective customer knows exactly what you are offering.  Once your product sells, the customer pays, and your money gets transferred to your merchant account.  (We will use PayPal for the sake of this blog)  You can choose to transfer your funds via check into your business account which takes 10 days, electronic transfer into your business account which takes 3-5 days, or gain instant access via a PayPal Debit Card.  (You will have to fill out a simple application with PayPal to receive your debit card).   I strongly recommend taking the extra time to qualify for a PayPal Debit Card as it will be the best for your Cash Flow in the Long Run! Fees to take into consideration are 2.99% + $.40 change from PayPal for each transaction, between 2% & 10% Final Value Fees From eBay, and Shipping Costs which varies depending on location.


Amazon also offers selling product format quite similar to eBay.  Recently, Amazon expanded its business model by offering a Selling Services options.  This is ideal for businesses looking to boost their sales on a proven popular platform like Amazon.  Here is the basic selling services model:

– How Selling Services Works

person 1

Set your price

Set prices for standard services up front, so customers can purchase them on Amazon any time. For custom services, Amazon customers can submit requests that are delivered directly to your inbox.

person 2

Get discovered

Amazon customers can easily find and purchase your products while shopping for products related to the service you provide, or they can submit a custom request for your services on

person 3

Get paid

We handle the hassle of payment processing and customer payment issues, so you can focus on doing what you do best—delivering great service and growing your business.

This is unique business model that is sure to keep money flowing into your company!


Angies List  – Angie’s list is a great way to reach new customers.  You can sign up for a business account for free.  Once Angie’s list customers begin to contact your company for services, they will review your performance.  After three reviews, your business will qualify for Angie’s list’s “Big Deal.”  This is designated for high ranking companies who offer special Angie’s list pricing for a specific service.  The customer will make the purchase and payment through Angie’s list.  Angie’s list takes a small commission and then sends your funds.  Its a unique way to build a strong online identity, meet new customers, and sell more jobs!


Sell your Products & Services (Conclusion)

Take advantage of these 3 websites longevity, reputation, and customer base.  If you are looking for more helpful information, Read about the 10 best places to list your business by following this link:

Stay tuned for the next blog where I’ll discuss how to use the information you receive from these three websites.  If you have any requests or suggestions, please comment below.  Thanks for reading.

How to use Google Analytics

Google analytics are very important for a business, web developer and marketing team. Google Analytics provides a great deal of useful information that can help you understand who, where and how people are interacting with your website. In this blog post I am going to guide you through a few helpful features of google analytics!

Google Sessions VS Users:

Sessions can be a bit confusing for a beginner of Google analytics. A session is counted every time somebody visits your website and is stored on a time basis. Let’s say one morning a user visits your websites home page than goes to the about us page this is counted as one session. Later in the day the user visits the site again to find out your contact information this is counted as another session. So in one day the same user has had two sessions. This is also the case if there is a period of inactivity on the site. Let’s say a user is viewing your website goes out to lunch then continues to view your website when they come back, this would be counted as two sessions. The term users, on the other hand are counted by people aka IP addresses, each person visiting the site is counted once.

Bounce Rate: A user visits your website or webpage and leaves, they do not click an item on your menu or navigate to another portion of your website. A 100% bounce rate means everyone viewed one page and then left.

How to Navigate Google Analytics:

Choose a time frame: Google Analytics provides a nice easy way to view data within a specific span of time. Simply click the drop down menu found on the top which looks like this.
Google analytics change date

Google Analytics Menu System

How is people getting to my website?  This is an important section of Google Analytics, it tells you how people are finding your website. Say you post a link on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter, this section will tell you how many people clicked that link and visited your website. Direct (none) means the amount of people who directly typed in your URL into the search bar.

Here is how you find this information:

Acquisition =>  All Traffic =>  Source / Medium

What pages are most popular? This view is great to inform you which webpages are receiving the most traffic. To view this follow these steps:

Behavior => Site Content => All Pages

Audience: This menu section has a lot of cool and useful information. in the Audience overview you can find out the countries / cities users are from, what kind of device they are using, what kind of operating system they are running, and what browser they are using. All this information can be found on the bottom of the Audience overview.

Real-Time : I love this feature, it’s really cool and very useful. In the real-time section you can view people on your website live. So the minute someone enters your site you can see where they are from, what devices they are using  how did they find your site, and what pages they are on. I like using this feature when I advertise on multiple social networks at once and view the people who click on my ads.

This is a basic over view of some important features I find very useful in Google analytics. There is much more that can be done with this software which can get very complicated. To get started with Google Analytics sign up for an account register your website then paste the code provided within the <head> of your webpage.

time-managementRunning a small business can be challenging at times.  If you are just starting out and the sole member of your company, you are responsible for every aspect of the business!  There are only 24 hours in a day and it can go super quick when you wear numerous feathers in your business cap.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your time:

  • Write a to do list –  Very simple addition to your daily routine yet many business owners fail to do this.  Writing down your specific tasks and objectives for the day, week, month and even year will help you focus on the important aspects of your business.  Once a task is complete, cross it off and move onto the next one.  Not only is this an excellent strategy for your one man start up business, but this is an excellent habit to practice as this will come in handy when you hire employees.  Your employees are not mind readers and will need guidance each and every day.  By starting this routine during the early years, you will build a solid foundation for the future!
  • Always carry a device which connects to the internet – Its 2015… Almost everyone is now on the internet.  So how does your business stack up on the World Wide Web?  I often hear from business owners that they just don’t have the time to promote their company.  The best solution is to always carry a device with you which connects to the internet so that you can take advantage of any opportunity where you have free time!  You may have a Drs appointment, waiting inline at the DMV, at the auto repair shop, or posting up at the airport.  Take the time to pull out your cell phone, tablet, or laptop!  Even its for only 15 to 20 minutes, that is more than enough time to make an impact in your overall internet business appeal.  You can Write a blog, post a picture, or even create a custom advertisement in that specific time frame.
  • Network – Last but not least, learn to network and partner up in the right places.  Specifically, early in the business game, many owners try to do to much taking away the main focus of the business.  This leads to business owners majoring in minor things and ultimately, wasting time.  There are a lot of amazing small companies which offers services which can help your company.  They can get the job done in the fraction of the time as you would and allow you the ability to zero in on the main aspects of your business!  Cost can be a factor in adapting this type of strategy; however, you can set a budget for certain areas of your company to seek help with while using your extra time to generate more income and profit for your business.

These are 3 simple tips you can use to help your business run better!  Thanks for reading.


google-my-businessIf you have not read the last two blogs posted, please read them now before processing forward:

How to Build a Google Business Page:

What Pictures to Include on your Google Business Page:

So now you have have your page up and running with pictures showcasing your business.  What’s next?

  • Write an Introduction about your company.  Give potential customers a short but sweet write up about your business.  Including aspects like your business name, top products, and free estimates will help give internet users an idea about your company.  Keep your introduction between 5 & 10 sentences.  Remember, you have a website you can direct the potential customer too!
  • Post your hours of operations.  The biggest complaint I hear from clients when I first meet them is that they tried contacting numerous companies, yet no one picked up the phone or returned calls.  Its best if you can post your hours of operation clearly on the site and be sure there is a way for a potential customer to communicate with you during these times!  You can customize your business hours however you choose.  Just be sure to pick up your phone during your business hours!
  • Insert Categories which you specialize in.  In the first blog about listing your business on Google, you listed your major category of business.  Now is the opportunity to list any other specialties you have.  The more categories you can list, the better chances a customer will reach you!
  • Finalize your other two major contact options.  (Phone number & Website)  Customers will either want to pick up the phone and call you -or- look at your website and learn more about your business.  Make sure you list both your phone number and website address so a potential customer can easily find this information.

Now you have all of your major business components complete for your Google Business Listing!  Remember that this is your initial bit of information you are uploading to Google.  Be sure to keep your information up-to-date and fresh in all categories!


Yesterdays Blog was about how to set up your Google Business Page.  If you did not read that Blog yet, CLICK THIS LINK >>> before reading this blog.

Today’s blog will focus on what content you should START with in filling out your business page.  I capitalized START because you should be consistently adding content to your Google Business Listing Page.  This is just a good place to begin and will zero in on the types of pictures you need to include on your Business Listing Page.

  • First you will need to create a good profile picture.  This will show up in a highly visible spot on your Business Listing.  Be sure to take a clear picture.
  • Next, upload your logo.  You want to showcase your logo on your business profile and begin creating your online brand recognition from Day 1.
  • Load a background photo of your best work.  A background photo will take up a good amount of space on your business listing.  Showcase your work and make it stand out!
  • Display Interior pictures of your establishment.  Take a few pictures with customers at your place of business.  (Be sure to get his/her permission)  Create a visual for potential customers as to what they will experience in your establishment.  Three pictures is a good number to start out with.
  • Take three pictures of the exterior of your business.  Take pictures from different angles of your place of business.  Its also a good idea to take pictures during different times of day.  Start with three pictures of your exterior.
  • Show your customers a variety of service and product pictures.  If you have products, upload pictures of them.  If you perform services, be sure to take pictures of the different types of jobs you perform.  You can start with 5 pictures in this category.  As you continue to expand your clientele and scope of work, be sure to update your picture gallery.
  • Finally, take pictures of your team.  Together Everyone Achieves More, Team, the people that make your business run.  Take casual pictures and create an atmosphere that potential customers can relate to.  Three pictures would work well in this genre.

Now you are covered in the picture Category for your Google Business Listing!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn more about what you need to add to your Google Business Listing Page!