How to Increase your Business Revenue by using these Green Tips

Green Tips by Pro Market Me
Green Tips by Pro Market Me

Here are a few tips how you can Green Up your Company.


  1. Go to Paperless Invoicing.  With today’s technology, this is actually very easy to do. Send your Invoices via email.  This will drastically cut down on your paper usage and printer ink.  The best Green Tips will cut down on resources and save your company money!
  2. Accept payments electronically.  When processing credit cards, you can accept mobile credit payments with services like Square.  Offer a place on your website for your customers to send money electronically.  If you collect payments monthly, offer a direct deposit service.  You can give your customers an incentive to set up this payment structure.  This will benefits your companies cash flow as well.  These types of payment Green Tips will increase your bottom line.
  3. Optimize your office with energy efficient products.  Start off simple by replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient LED lights.  Use calk around windows and areas where air conditioning or heat may escape.  Harvest your own rain water by catching it off your roof and storing it in a rain barrel.  These types of Green Tips will help the environment and your business!Thanks for reading


Oct 21, 2015 is here!  The day that Marty McFly flew with Doc Brown & his Girlfriend/Wife Jennifer into the future aboard a DeLorean.  If you have not yet seen the Back to the Future Trilogy, stop reading this blog right now and stream the 3 movies online immediately.  For everyone else that has not been living under a rock for the last 30 years continue on.  Back to the Future is a must see!

There were interesting visions in the movie about what the “Future,” will look like.  The original, “Back to the Future” movie was released on July 3rd, 1985.  The following 2 installments of Back to the Future were released in 1989 & 1990.  It was a look into the future back in the 80’s at what the creators thought Oct 21st, 2015 would look like.  One of the most iconic products of the series is the Nike Air MAG sneakers Marty McFly changed into once he arrived into the future.

The first official release of these futuristic Nike’s was in Sept of 2011.  1500 Pairs were made by Nike which were auctioned off with proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox foundation.    The sneakers looked awesome with the same style, light up features, and super high top appeal they had in Back to the Future 2.  But there was one MAJOR component missing.  The self-lacing factor was not included!  This was a HUGE let down as one of the coolest features was not included in the release.  Nike said they would eventually make it right and create a truly 100% Authentic pair of Nike MAG sneakers which will actually self lace just like in the Back to the Future sequel!

That time has some!  On “Back to the Future,” Day 30 years after the first movie released, Marty McFly, aka Michael J. Fox, tries on the first pair of Nike Air MAG self lacing sneakers!

 Spreadsheets vs Databases

Databases and spreadsheets are used widely throughout majority of successful businesses. Many smaller businesses contain no IT department and rely primarily on spreadsheets, they are so easy to use and retrieve valuable information. So you may ask, what is the difference between databases and spreadsheets, why would I ever need one?

Whats a Spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet programs are primarily used to store, display and calculate data. Data can range from numbers, Excel Spread Sheetcurrency, time, dates, text and much more. Spreadsheets data is entered manually by an individual and is stored in a system of columns and rows. Spreadsheet software contains very simple programming languages that have built in functions and formulas that can crunch data to produce useful information and graphs.

Pros: easy and fast to setup, programming language (functions) are easy to learn, very simple to edit.

Cons: difficult to manage large quantities of data, high risk of human error,  not suited to scale with a business, trouble communicating with other programs.

Examples: Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets


Whats a Database?

Before we get started I would like to mention the complexity of databases and that I will only skim the surface of what a database is capable of doing. Similar to spread sheets databases are also stored in a series of columns and rows. Databases are manipulateted with a programming language called SQL (Structured Query Language). A query is similar to asking the database a question which will be returned with an answer of information.  The key difference between databases and spreadsheets is the way data is stored, it is much easier to pull out specific data in order to create a complex yet useful result of information. Databases are much more scalable than spreadsheets and can actually hold millions of records before seeing any system delay when performing a query. Databases are used in majority of interactive websites online and are extremely useful when inputting / retrieving data automatically. Here’s an example, think of any website you have a user profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. each time you login notice your  previous posting still exist on your profile. This postings, pictures and information are all being retrieved from a database.

Pros: Largely scalable, great for automating data entry, fast analysis (querying), ideal for integrating applications, allows restrictive privileges for certain users.

Cons: Can be difficult to initiate a database system, requires a high level of strategic planning, requires a database administrator or knowledge of database design.

Examples: MySQL, Microsoft Access and Oracle


When should I use one over the other?

Spreadsheets are great for keeping track of a small amount of data that will not be manipulated in multiple ways to get different statistics. Propose a spreadsheets design to keep track of, basic finances, a time log, or perhaps a report needed for a meeting.

Databases on the other hand can me much more difficult to setup initially but more powerful in the end result. Consider using a database structure for storing any data that was generated from a web application, data that will be configured in multiple formulas to achieve high level statistics, or storing a high volume of data.

time-managementRunning a small business can be challenging at times.  If you are just starting out and the sole member of your company, you are responsible for every aspect of the business!  There are only 24 hours in a day and it can go super quick when you wear numerous feathers in your business cap.  Here are a few tips on how to manage your time:

  • Write a to do list –  Very simple addition to your daily routine yet many business owners fail to do this.  Writing down your specific tasks and objectives for the day, week, month and even year will help you focus on the important aspects of your business.  Once a task is complete, cross it off and move onto the next one.  Not only is this an excellent strategy for your one man start up business, but this is an excellent habit to practice as this will come in handy when you hire employees.  Your employees are not mind readers and will need guidance each and every day.  By starting this routine during the early years, you will build a solid foundation for the future!
  • Always carry a device which connects to the internet – Its 2015… Almost everyone is now on the internet.  So how does your business stack up on the World Wide Web?  I often hear from business owners that they just don’t have the time to promote their company.  The best solution is to always carry a device with you which connects to the internet so that you can take advantage of any opportunity where you have free time!  You may have a Drs appointment, waiting inline at the DMV, at the auto repair shop, or posting up at the airport.  Take the time to pull out your cell phone, tablet, or laptop!  Even its for only 15 to 20 minutes, that is more than enough time to make an impact in your overall internet business appeal.  You can Write a blog, post a picture, or even create a custom advertisement in that specific time frame.
  • Network – Last but not least, learn to network and partner up in the right places.  Specifically, early in the business game, many owners try to do to much taking away the main focus of the business.  This leads to business owners majoring in minor things and ultimately, wasting time.  There are a lot of amazing small companies which offers services which can help your company.  They can get the job done in the fraction of the time as you would and allow you the ability to zero in on the main aspects of your business!  Cost can be a factor in adapting this type of strategy; however, you can set a budget for certain areas of your company to seek help with while using your extra time to generate more income and profit for your business.

These are 3 simple tips you can use to help your business run better!  Thanks for reading.