Moringa Tree Grown in Organic Garden with Micro-Drip Irrigaiton
Moringa Tree Grown in Organic Garden

3 Simple Eco-friendly & Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

Organic Gardening is a healthy and fun hobby to start.  Studies show that spending a minimum of 15 minutes gardening around plants acts as a natural anti-depressant.  In today’s society, much of our agriculture is contaminated with harmful chemicals & additives to preserve shelf life.  Hence, Organic Gardening is a positive alternative for you and your family to get involved with!  Not only is it a healthy lifestyle hobby, but your hard work will yield organic food!  Here are 3 Simple Steps you can take to start your Organic Gardening experience:

1. Use Organic Soil. Quality Soil is Key to establish a strong root zone and plants overall health.

2. Utilize Drip & Micro Drip Irrigation. Drip Irrigation saves 90% of water consumption. If you have a sprinkler system, any zone can be easily converted to Drip. If you don’t have an irrigation system, you can connect your drip irrigation directly to your hose bib & even add a timer for convenience.

3. Use natural insecticides & fertilizers if needed. If you have bugs, the combination of dish soap and water can help repel them. If you need some added kick for your plants, use horse manure or worm castings.

Organic Gardening Community

Gardening Communities are popping up all around the United States and the World.  If you are new to the Organic Gardening scene or if you are a Master Gardener, you can easily get involved with locals in your community.  Facebook is a convenient way to locate people in your area who are into Organic Gardening.  Many individuals start their organic garden as a hobby & turn it into a small business.  If you are interested in learning more information about how to start a small business gardening, Click Here.  Please leave your questions & comments below.  Thanks for reading.

Glycerin Soap with Moisturizing Properties
Organic Soap Options for you
Organic Soap Options for you

Organic Soap & the Excellent Health Benefits

We hear the word “Organic,” used more often as people are becoming more concerned about health.  For the most part, we hear the word “Organic,” related to food.  We don’t want to eat harmful chemicals, synthetic additives, or GMO based produce.  Hence, the Organic food market was born.  But what about the products you use on your skin or you wash your hair with?  How safe are these large corporate products for you and your family?  Can an Organic Soap help your overall well-being?  Today’s blog will look into this topic.

Regular Soap Vs Organic Soap for your Health

Let’s take a look at Regular Soap Vs Organic Soap.  But first, let’s establish the fact that the food we eat and the fluid we ingest impacts our overall health.  But what many people fail to recognize is that our body also absorbs toxins through our skin.  Regular Soap contains many harmful chemicals which your body is forced to deal with.  Many store brand soaps are also dyed which can be much harder for your body to process.  These types of casuals toxins can be eliminated by using organic or natural soap.

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If you suffer from sensitive skin & your wondering why, there is a good chance you are reacting to the chemical enhanced store soap.  Fertilizers, Herbicides, Fungicides, & Insecticides are commonly used in these regular soap products.  A helpful organic soap which you can use to eliminate this problem contains Glycerin.  (Glycerin contains moisturizing elements)

Glycerin Soap with Moisturizing Properties
Glycerin Soap with Moisturizing Properties

When shopping for Organic Soap, it is best to look for ingredients that you are familiar with.  (Not ingredients which you might find in a chemistry lab).  Some common organic products you may find in soap include:  Organic Palm Oil, Water, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Essential Oils, Aloe, & Goats Milk.

Organic Soap & the Environment

Using an Organic or Natural soap has its environmental benefits as well.  We already touched upon the fact that no harmful fertilizers or other destructive additives are used in Organic Soap.  If you are an animal lover, you will be pleased to know that Organic Soap is not tested on any animals and are classified as cruelty free!  Furthermore, you will be contributing to a cleaner, greener world by purchasing  products which will not pollute our air, water, or soil.

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Where to Buy Organic Soap

If you are interested in learning more information & purchasing Organic or Natural Soap, you can Click Here to Buy Organic & Natural Soap.  A reputable company will always take the time to answer your questions or concerns.  Lemonbay Soap Company is located in Englewood Florida & produces high quality products Made In the USA.  They will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.  Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

Environmentally Friendly Organic & Natural Soap
Environmentally Friendly Organic & Natural Soap

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