Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

Here are a few tips on how to get in a groove, build momentum, and set your business on fire!

  1. Wake up early and and take charge of your day!  It sounds silly but don’t hit the snooze button and sleep another 5 minutes.  Tell yourself that you are going to get up and start your day off strong!  You will be surprised how your mind will be conditioned in a positive manner using this strategy.
  2. Exercise first thing.  In the mornings you have the most testosterone so you will get the best bang out of your workout.  Plus, exercise will put your mind and body into a positive state which is critical to start a successful day.
  3. Smile in the morning and throughout the day.  Its contagious!  You will be amazed at not only the state of mind you are in, but the state changes you will create in others around you.
  4. Arrive at your place of business early.  If you have employees, set an example.   And there is no better way to do this than to show everyone you are willing to be the first one in the office everyday.  That’s called leading by example and it works!
  5. Access your goals list and tackle one right away!  Research shows that your brain is best at solving difficult tasks first thing in the morning.  Take on that challenge and motivate the people around you!  If you are in a team atmosphere, get everyone involved in the task when they arrive.  And remember to keep that smile when doing so!Try these 5 steps and watch the momentum GROW!

I hear people all the time complain.  “I’m Broke.  I don’t have any money.  I can’t afford this.”  Surprisingly, many of these people are working full-time jobs!  Its no surprise as cost of living has gone up drastically and wages have not been increased to the scale they should be.  Take a company like Walmart where the Walton’s make BILLIONS of Dollars a year yet a good portion of their employees need Government assistance to survive!  I don’t want this blog to focus on the problem of Huge Corporations working people for slave labor but rather a solution to help people who are not making ends meet financially earn some extra loot!

Pictured above is an example of what I am talking about.  A neighbor was moving down the street from me and was in the real estate business.  He had over 50 of these professional Real Estate File Folders which looked almost brand new!  He was throwing them out as he did not want to load too much on his moving truck.  I picked these shortly at the curb, took a few pics, and posted them on Craigslist.  A short time later I received a phone call. I had a young lady stop by my property and purchase all 50 at $5 each!  That’s a total of $250 for less than 20 minutes of actual work between picking them up, posting the ad, and helping the young lady loading her professional binders!  That equates to $750/hr!

Now I am not saying that everything people throw out will yield you a return of $250/hr…  But what I will say is that in the USA we throw out more perfectly good items than any other countries in the world!  Between furniture, vacuums, shelving, art, lawn mowers, appliances, etc, there is a good chunk of money to be made.  If you are handy and good at fixing things, 2 cycle equipment is common on garbage day.  Many times its something silly like it needs a new spark plug.  Other times it may need a carb cleaning.  Even if you don’t want to mess with it, its likely someone will buy it for parts!  Re-finishing old furniture is also a niche which has become increasingly popular.  You take something old, clean it up, rehab it, and sell it!  Its that simple…. Green is in and there is nothing better than recycling a product as opposed to overcrowding our already dense landfills.

It is also interesting to note that there was a reality TV show dedicated to this exact concept.  The Junk Brothers took garbage and gave it new life.  You can read more about it here:

If you need some extra loot and are looking for something that is almost FREE to get into, Trying picking curbside.  You will be surprised what people will buy and how the few extra dollars you make will add up and help you with your bills and expenses!  Thanks for reading.


Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
Photo By D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

The sneaker game is booming!  With more people collecting, buying, selling, and trading, it’s become harder to cop that new pair of kicks.  Nike has a wide range of prices ranging from $19.99 specials to $37,500 Nike Air Mags, (The sneakers Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future 2).  A rapper by the name of Tinie Tempah purchased these kicks at auction.  One can only imagine when the self lacing Sneakers come out later in 2015 what they will fetch.  There were even Nike Sneakers which were customized by rappers that sold even more!


But how did they sneaker game get to this point?  Its interesting to note that this movement has been around for over 30 years!  Many collectors buy, sell, and trade what he/she likes.  Sneakerheads come in all shapes, sizes, and colors ranging from high school kids to middle aged adults!  What was once an industry that involved going to the department store, Champs, or Footlocker to pick up a new pair of kicks has turned into a HUGE secondary market where sneakers are bought and sold at conventions, shops, and over the internet.  If a sneaker is sold out in the stores, log onto eBay or Amazon and you will most likely find them, (at a premium).

Photo by D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.
Photo by D. Wildermuth of Pro Market Me Inc.

One of the most popular brands is the Air Jordan. The first Jordans were made available to the public in 1985.  The brand has grown tremendously as Air Jordan now features other athletes under this Nike sub Genre.  But Jordans are not the only popular brand of Nikes on the market.  In recent years, Foamposites have been popular with collectors and been a hot item to buy.  At first they did not sell well with an expensive $180 price tag back in 1997.  They were originally worn by Mike Bibby playing for the Arizona Wilcats and by NBA star Penny Hardaway.  They are released in limit supply so its often not easy to cop a pair unless you are there at the release.  Recently, some releases have taken place on the internet to prevent a possible violent situation.

Personally, I have always liked a good quality pair of Nike Sneakers.  I find myself buying kicks I like and believe look the part.  I purchase for myself to wear and also to trade & sell if I see something I like that is not my size.  I don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars a year in the game, but I do spend a decent amount of money.  I like to buy Nike Sneakers at discount stores as its hard to go into the Mall and drop $200+ for a pair of Foamposites.  Surprisingly, I once found some Foamposites in Marshals Brand New and in the box for $100!    There are other great deals out there if you look hard enough..  You can keep up with your personal shoe fix and buy a few pairs to sell and trade to fund your operations and make a few bucks.  Some people have even grown their shoe hobby into a full-time business!  I only see this business continuing to gain popularity and you can get into the game for under $100!  Thanks for reading.


google-my-businessIf you have not read the last two blogs posted, please read them now before processing forward:

How to Build a Google Business Page:

What Pictures to Include on your Google Business Page:

So now you have have your page up and running with pictures showcasing your business.  What’s next?

  • Write an Introduction about your company.  Give potential customers a short but sweet write up about your business.  Including aspects like your business name, top products, and free estimates will help give internet users an idea about your company.  Keep your introduction between 5 & 10 sentences.  Remember, you have a website you can direct the potential customer too!
  • Post your hours of operations.  The biggest complaint I hear from clients when I first meet them is that they tried contacting numerous companies, yet no one picked up the phone or returned calls.  Its best if you can post your hours of operation clearly on the site and be sure there is a way for a potential customer to communicate with you during these times!  You can customize your business hours however you choose.  Just be sure to pick up your phone during your business hours!
  • Insert Categories which you specialize in.  In the first blog about listing your business on Google, you listed your major category of business.  Now is the opportunity to list any other specialties you have.  The more categories you can list, the better chances a customer will reach you!
  • Finalize your other two major contact options.  (Phone number & Website)  Customers will either want to pick up the phone and call you -or- look at your website and learn more about your business.  Make sure you list both your phone number and website address so a potential customer can easily find this information.

Now you have all of your major business components complete for your Google Business Listing!  Remember that this is your initial bit of information you are uploading to Google.  Be sure to keep your information up-to-date and fresh in all categories!


Yesterdays Blog was about how to set up your Google Business Page.  If you did not read that Blog yet, CLICK THIS LINK >>> before reading this blog.

Today’s blog will focus on what content you should START with in filling out your business page.  I capitalized START because you should be consistently adding content to your Google Business Listing Page.  This is just a good place to begin and will zero in on the types of pictures you need to include on your Business Listing Page.

  • First you will need to create a good profile picture.  This will show up in a highly visible spot on your Business Listing.  Be sure to take a clear picture.
  • Next, upload your logo.  You want to showcase your logo on your business profile and begin creating your online brand recognition from Day 1.
  • Load a background photo of your best work.  A background photo will take up a good amount of space on your business listing.  Showcase your work and make it stand out!
  • Display Interior pictures of your establishment.  Take a few pictures with customers at your place of business.  (Be sure to get his/her permission)  Create a visual for potential customers as to what they will experience in your establishment.  Three pictures is a good number to start out with.
  • Take three pictures of the exterior of your business.  Take pictures from different angles of your place of business.  Its also a good idea to take pictures during different times of day.  Start with three pictures of your exterior.
  • Show your customers a variety of service and product pictures.  If you have products, upload pictures of them.  If you perform services, be sure to take pictures of the different types of jobs you perform.  You can start with 5 pictures in this category.  As you continue to expand your clientele and scope of work, be sure to update your picture gallery.
  • Finally, take pictures of your team.  Together Everyone Achieves More, Team, the people that make your business run.  Take casual pictures and create an atmosphere that potential customers can relate to.  Three pictures would work well in this genre.

Now you are covered in the picture Category for your Google Business Listing!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn more about what you need to add to your Google Business Listing Page!