Everyone knows that Google is the #1 Search Engine on the internet… People don’t even use the terminology “search engine,” as they will just say, “Google it.”  What most people don’t know is that the #2 search engine in the world is YouTube.  Yes that’s right… The huge streaming video database you can view around the world.   Lets take a look at how you can use YouTube to help promote your business.

First, I would recommend creating a short video about your company.  Keep it short, to the point, and informative.  Most people nowadays don’t have a long attention span.  Try to keep your video between 30 seconds to 1 minute.

In your video, use the add caption option to create text.  You can use this in the beginning and end credits.  Some companies even include text within the video to engage the potential customer about the product or services you offer.  Some information you may want to include is your company name, phone number, email address, and website.  You also have the description area where you can add information and even add reciprocal links which redirects the YouTube user to your website.

Try to jazz up your video with options like transitions and background music.  If you do not have any editing software, you can edit your video right on YouTube.  Its easy to add transitions in your storyline to give your video a professional feel.  I recommend leaving three seconds before you start talking in your segment and three seconds after you are finished talking.  When you add transitions to your videos, you will cut out a few seconds of the beginning and end of your video storyboard clips.  If you immediately talk in the beginning of your clip or talk right to the point where you end recording that segment, your sound will get distorted in the transition.  Background music is also very simple to add to your video on the storyboard.  You can have music playing soft throughout the video or for the beginning credits, end credits, or both!  If you are using a recording artist music on YouTube, be sure to follow proper crediting protocol.

Finally, Upload your video.  It will appear within the YouTube database.  You can also use the HTML links to add your YouTube Video to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  If a picture speaks 1,000 words, a video speaks 1,000,000.  Take advantage of the free areas where you can link your video for the whole world to see.

This is a quick and easy way to start advertising your Company on YouTube.  Be sure to check back to this blog as we will describe more creative video marketing strategies as well as cutting edge online advertising!






Do you own a website? Would you like as many people to see it as possible! Of coarse, this is why linking your website across the internet is critical. It provides a route to anyone interested and  plays a huge role in search engine optimization (SEO). There are three types of linking inbound, out bound and internal. Inbound links are links pointed to your website that is placed on another website (domain).  Out bound links are links on your website, that point to another website (domain). Internal links are links that are used for navigational purposes through out your website like your main menu.

For search engine optimization inbound links are the best but all types of links play role in the SEO algorithm. Many major social networking sites usually offer an option to display a website on your profile for many people to see. This is great because people that are surfing the web can come across your content and visit your website.  So get out there and start linking!

Search Engine Optmization
If you have searched the web for solutions to online marketing you have probably came across the term search engine optimization or SEO. What does this term actually mean, well in simplest form:

Search Engine Optimization is a complex task performed by search engines such as Google to find websites related to what a person searches. When performing SEO the goal is to appear first on the page.

In depth: Search engines such as (Google) send “bot” programs across the internet. These bots travel through the internet pulling information from webpages. The information you see on a search results are called meta tags in the HTML language. There are three important meta tags to remember, keywords, description and author. There are many other HTML tags that the SEO bots look for. Although, these three are the ones that you can read on a search result. Another major factor of SEO is linking (read our other post to learn about linking). There are many more ways to get noticed by SEO bots but these two really stick out.

      Social networks are a very powerful online marketing tool that many people don’t realize. The millions of users connected through a social network site are The Power of Social Networksjust waiting to read, hear and watch what you have to say. Although, building a large audience that actually absorb what you portray can be a daunting task. Many large social network sites allow you to buy followers, friends or likes but usually the results of this is not genuine feedback. It looks good but the customer engagement is just not there.

      It is best to build your audience organically. The first and most obvious way of doing this is, provide quality material. People that absorb your material online are actually interested, not just passing by. This results in more feed back and generates people to pass along what they saw to someone else. The next two are “universal laws of the internet” #hashtags and @at_signs. The hash tag (#) can be thought of as a single keyword.  The keyword is then used within the social networks search results. The at sign (@)  is used to refer to another person within the social network.


#business #meeting with @joe_smith

This simple statement will show up if someone searches business or meeting and in some sites everyone following Joe Smith will see it. On all social sites Joe Smith will get a notification that you have mentioned him.


For those that are in the service industry or in sales, its imperative to have an outgoing personality.  Sometimes, your approach of initiating a conversation can lead to a sale or new account.  One tactic that I have found to work well out and about in the field is “The Wave Game.”  Now you are probably asking, “What is The Wave Game?”  Its quite simple.. If someone is walking by your jobsite or driving by while you are in a visible area, wave your hands at them.  Its a friendly gesture, its saying hello, its warm, its welcoming, and you will be surprised of the results!



I can remember working alongside a new business owner who was a little green around the edges.  I introduced him to The Wave Game.   At first, he thought it was silly and would not work, but after waving to 3 people who were walking by, one of them wanted service at their property down the street.  I followed him, did the estimate, and landed the service account for the new business owner.  After he witnessed how easy it was, he was hooked and started waving himself.  He’s initiated many interactions using this simple strategy and continues to create a neighborly image for his company.

So if you are in a service industry or in sales, try this out.  Its especially fun when you are working with another individual.  The two of you can have a little friendly competition during the days, weeks, and months out in the field and see how many new customers you’ve landed by simply waving your hand in the air and displaying a friendly image for all to see.  You will be astonished by the results!